On the Move

Travelling back from London to Washington in the North East I decided to pass the time by taking photos of pylons. [I wasn’t driving!] They were taken as we were moving and through glass so they are not the best quality photos.0-0-P1050835 0-1-P1050835 1-1-P1050835 P1050835 P1050836 P1050837 P1050838

And a couple of chimneysP1050839 P1050840 P1050841

And then I started to include wind turbinesP1050842 P1050843 P1050844 P1050845 P1050846 P1050847 P1050848 P1050849 P1050850 And then treesP1050851 P1050853 P1050855 P1050856

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