Thursday Doors 7-1-2021

We are in lockdown again so I probably won’t be seeing many ‘new’ doors for a while. I did have these that I took in December and the last one I found while I was looking through old photos. All taken at Beamish Museum.

18 thoughts on “Thursday Doors 7-1-2021

  1. The 2nd and 3rd door photos are my favorites. The tall, slender double doors I find attractive and with the holiday decor they are even more welcoming.

    • I was just reading your blog where you say you didn’t notice the fork. Well I’ve not really noticed these doors before, maybe because they are normally open. They were shut because of covid, now the whole place is shut because of lockdown.

  2. This is a great collection. I love half (Dutch) doors, and I really like the weathered gate. The entry doors are nice, but I think my favorite today might be the one at the garage.

    • Thank you. We are back in lockdown so I’ve not been far recently. I did take a lot of photos when we were in semi-lockdown so I’ve got a few left from then. After that it might be back to the archives, I’m sure I’ve got some that I’ve never posted.

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