Bobbin Mill

My entry for Thursday Doors

This is Stott Park Bobbin Mill, a National Trust property at Windermere. Stott Park Bobbin Mill is a 19th-century bobbin mill and now a working museum located near the lakeside of Windermere, Cumbria, England. Built in 1835 the mill was one of over 65 such buildings in the Lake District, which provided wooden bobbins to the weaving and spinning industry primarily in Lancashire and Yorkshire. It is the only working mill left in the Lake District. Although small compared to other mills, some 250 men and boys (some drafted in from workhouses) worked here over the years in often arduous conditions to produce a quarter of a million bobbins a week. I saw a demonstration of bobbins being made.

7 thoughts on “Bobbin Mill

  1. I love the images of this mill. It has a distinctly industrial look to it. I can almost hear the shafts turning. I would love to tour this. The doors are remarkable, especially the Dutch door, and the narrow door set in among the windows.

    • It was an interesting tour. I did wonder how many accidents happened especially to the children working there in times gone by as they didn’t have many safety features.

  2. a quarter of a million bobbins a week is sure a lot! and this is such a unique structure šŸ™‚ with unique doors and all that wonderful stone šŸ™‚

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