My entry for One Word Sunday – Bridge

I thought I would go local with this challenge but which one. I decided on some of the seven bridges between Newcastle upon Tyne and Gateshead.

The first one you see is the Gateshead Millennium Bridge or Blinking Eye Bridge which is a foot and cycle lane bridge, it tilts to let tall ships pass. It lights up at night and changes colour.

There are four bridges in this photo. First we have the Tyne Bridge, then the Swing Bridge, the High Level Bridge, the Queen Elizabeth II Metro Bridge and King Edward VII railway bridge.

The Tyne Bridge was designed by the same people who built Sydney Harbour Bridge but it is much smaller. Although construction started on the Sydney Bridge before the Tyne Bridge, the Tyne Bridge was finished first in 1929 and the Sydney Harbour Bridge three years later. The Sydney Harbour Bridge is three times as long, almost three times as wide and over twice as high as the Tyne Bridge.

The Swing Bridge was opened in 1876.It moves to allow ships to pass.

The High Level Bridge was constructed between 1846-9.

Queen Elizabeth II is a metro bridge opened by the Queen in 1981painted blue.

King Edward VII Bridge Railway Bridge opened in 1906

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