Thursday Doors 27Jan22

My entry for Thursday Doors and CFFC

Today I have more doors from Seaton Delaval. They are all outer buildings, the first being a stable. The latter two are photos of an ice house which were used by the rich way before fridges were invented.

You can see two doors here, there is a passageway and another door.
The other end of the stable.
The ice house.
The ice was dropped through this opening into a well. I assume the metal gate as put there to stop visitors from falling down the shaft.

13 thoughts on “Thursday Doors 27Jan22

    • I can remember when we got our first fridge as a kid, it was a second hand gas fridge. I’ve never come across a gas fridge since. We just used a pantry before that. [probably showing my age]

      • Wow – never knew they had a gas fridge (fun to learn new stuff) and the house my dad grew up in had a huge pantry and I was told there were parts for keeping things cold and all that – so I kind of can imagine the one you might have had in your house.

        switching gears to the present – long gone are the days of having fridges (or washer and driers) that last decades – just made to fail (sigh)

  1. The stables look like a pretty snazzy place for horses. I love the ice house. The door is fantastic and the structure itself is beautiful. Modern conveniences certainly do make live easier.

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