10 thoughts on “PPAC#43

  1. The shadow works as an integral part of the art, doesn’t it? I used to quilt, but haven’t in many years. I should take it back up again, but blogging has taken its place. Thanks for sharing this. Lin as well as sharing your thoughts. 🙂

      • Well I’ve almost finished the Sketchbook Revival 2022 and I’ll have more time so you never know I might get around to it. Having said that I’ve got my grandson staying next week and then there are a few other things I want to get out of the way.

      • Sketchbook Revival is an online workshop for 2 weeks. Those that sign up for free receive a daily email with access to 2 workshops a day. It has finished now but I’ve put some of my work on my other blog https://linsartyblobs.blogspot.com

      • Lin, those are wonderful. Some are childlike and some are so sophisticated. Such a variety of subjects and types or maybe genres of artwork. It looks very fun. I did a post on fitness this week, and I left out one very important aspect of fitness that your work reminds me of. Emotional and creative fitness. We are all emotional creatutes, and I think that art flows out of that emotion as an avenue for fitness – much the same way that writing or building something does. So thank you for sharing your other blog.

      • Thank you and you’re welcome. I’m glad it was useful as a reminder.

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