Altered Art Journal Calendar


A friend thought I could do something with an old Somerset Studio art journal calendar dated 2003 so I have decided to alter it. I’m leaving one side of each page as it is, art works and am altering the calendar part of the book. On this collage I have used music, stamped textured wallpaper, punched paper from old music machine, vintage negative film with stitching in knitting ribbon and real flowers under plastic held on with tape.

Time Collage

The Sketchbook Challenge this month is ‘sketching with collage’ and the Illustration Friday challenge is ‘time’ so I have combined both for this one.


I used gesso on the page first, and used an old calendar and diary page for the collaged bits. I drew on watch hands and numbers and finished off with smudged time related quotes in pen.

I also did a digital collage for time


Dino Claus and another Snowman

sb36p103It’s been a while since I did anything in an actual sketchbook but today I have a collage. The dinosaur is actually a piece of wrapping paper and the brown thing I drew is supposed to be a sack [! – looks like a dog bowl]. Unlike digital I can’t easily erase pen. Also another snowman drawn on the tablet [Galaxy note]. I seem to be drawing lots of snowmen recently and we haven’t even got snow at the moment, we do have lots of rain, wind and dark days – miserable.Sketch1610815