Button Book

button book

All the pages are round, like a lot of buttons. Each page features a button or buttons.
The top cover is made from hand painted and stamped paper, I used handmade button shaped stamps amongst other things. The letters were made from fun foam with art work stuck on top. these were stitched to the background. The ‘o’s in the book are art buttons, made from clear buttons and my art work. I used blanket stitch around the edges, this joins two pages together and hides all the backs of pages.
If you want a go at making art buttons a tutorial is on my other blog.

button book-034 button book-035

button book-001

I used music and the excess paper from a sheet of postage stamps which I coloured slightly with an ink pad. I created all the different buttons.

button book-036

button book-002

The embroidery on the top two pages were for Take a Stitch Tuesday challenge. [blogged here]. I made the buttons above out of card and paper using a piece of the same artwork as the background.
button book-003
Purchased buttons were  used on the page below. The background is painted and collaged with a painted doily. I used running stitch to join these pages together.
If you have been following my other blog for quite a while you may have seen these two pages before.  They used to be rectangular but I cut them round to include in the book. They were featured in a Cloth, paper, scissors magazine [2012]
button book-004 button book-005
button book-006
I used tiny bought buttons on the fishy paper applique. button book-037
button book-007
This page was created from an inkjet print of some of the fabric designs I did for a cheater quilt and I made the coordinating buttons to go with it. button book-038
button book-008
I used a mix of papers for this, one inkjet [my design], one artwork and the spotty was a found paper. I confess that the buttons aren’t really buttons, they are faux buttons made from some recycled round foam [packaging?] and covered with my art work. I did a row of embroidery near the middle and used embroidery to hold two pages together. button book-039
button book-009
On the other side is also a mix of papers, my art work to the left and some found papers to the right. The butterflies and flower paper was from a magazine and the spotty was wrapping paper. I painted a heart doily to go on top. The buttons were created from art work and clear buttons. button book-040
button book-010

On this page is my artwork [stamped paper, I used a handmade rolling stamp], recycled gold Christmas hat, gold textured card, dyed lace and recycled buttons.
Once again stitched around the edges.

button book-041

button book-011
I’ll start by saying that the colours do not look quite as they do in real life. I have used some painted and textured paper for the background. The section in the middle is made from plastic and layered then painted [browns and various metallics on top], machine stitched and hand stitched. The buttons are bog standard recycled shirt buttons sewn on with metallic thread. I’ve couched some braid to the edges of the plastic. button book-042
button book-012
Artwork on waxy paper, hand embroidery, art button button book-043
button book-013
Paper packaging background, inkjet prints of vintage envelopes, hand embroidery, art buttons.button book-044
button book-014
Ripped and layered wrapping, decorative machine embroidery, art buttons [these were transferred laser prints, some not very successfully]
button book-015
Artwork background [leaf printing], hand embroidery, these faux buttons are artwork wrapped around card discs. button book-046 button book-047
button book-016
On the background is some painted tissue-like paper over music [which doesn’t show up very well], printed ‘backwards’ text, and an ATC. The ATC is painted vilene, hand embroidery and art buttons. button book-048
button book-017
The background for this one is a recycled altered photo which didn’t print very well, but I liked it anyway. Layered with dyed laces, hand embroidery and wooden buttons. button book-049
button book-018
This one is layers of recycled envelopes, hand embroidery and art buttons.
button book-050
button book-019
This page was an acrylic painting on canvas paper. The yellow sun button is card stitched on with a decorative stitch. button book-051
button book-020
The background was an inkjet print on glossy paper which I have had in a drawer for ages. I did some experiments on it with a liquid, water I think. It is also upside down, by mistake. I used vintage text for the art button. button book-052
button book-021
More vintage images for these buttons and a thread wrapper. A painted receipt and squared paper with painted lace on top. Ribbon was applied and an image from a magazine was stitched to the background.
button book-022
An inkjet print of some artwork [for an art quilt – this was the original drawing for it]. I made the carrot buttons from card.
button book-055
button book-023
A giant button made from covered card/art work. button book-056 button book-057
button book-024
This page is made up of an art background with hand made washi tape strips on the top. I used vintage buttons which I applied with embroidery. Stitched around the edges. button book-058
button book-025
This is one of my digitally altered photos I created a few years ago and the button is an art button I created with a recycled envelope. Stitched around the edges. button book-060
button book-026
Painted and stamped using handmade stamps and painted doily. Various art buttons – I used inkjet and laser prints. Stitched around the edges button book-061 button book-062
The back cover – painted, stamped, outlined. There are no real buttons on the back.
button book-027
button book-028 button book-031 button book-032 button book-033

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