The Green Book

Green Mixed Media Journal

Green Mixed Media Journal

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Page 1- mono-printed fabric, handmade washi tape [the berry tape], ribbon, recycled stamped wipes, recycled bird from greetings card, triangular foam shape-painted and indented.
Page 2- Altered stamped card from Ikea,painted doily on music, altered sprout wrapping paper – all cut up, rearranged and stitched.

Page 3- A picture – paint, tyvek, gold foil, distressed voile layer, lots of hand embroidery.
Page 4- painted inkjet print, art work, found paper [bottom], dyed lace, vintage button, decorative machine stitching.
Page 5- hand painted art paper, map, inkjet print [book page], appliqued fabric figure, plastic racket.
Page 6- hand painted art paper, wrapping paper, handmade stamp print, appliqued fabric figure, metal purse charm.
Page 7- painted inkjet print, printed plastic on top. Some of the marks on this are reflections.
Page 8- hand painted art paper, layered, hand embroidery, sparkles.
Page 9- a patchwork of vintage fabric, hand embroidered frogs [own design].
Page 10,11- inkjet print [yellow background],painted inkjet print & gold pen, artwork & gold pen, real leaf prints-painted, bird recycled from wrapping, butterfly charms.
Page 12- painted artwork, oil pastel artwork-scored, found eye, foam painted shapes, tag-painted and machined with decorative stitching in metallic thread, fancy yarn.
Page 13- Painted artwork, sprout trees -wrapping paper and painted inkjet print, printed tag, plastc google eye, flower brad.
Page 14- Fabric sample with freehand machine embroidery around the design, Part of a recycled t-shirt [triangle with pink flowers], leaf and heart garland.
Page 15- hand painted paper, bird image-recycled calendar, framed with artwork, hand crafted art buttons.
Page 16- stamped card, art work – paint and silver pen [Egypt inspired], tag [hell bank note], Art buttons [hell bank note]
Page 17- layers of painted art work and check table napkin, applique paper [painted trees], stitched and painted paper mounted on card [house & tree], plastic car.
Page 18- Altered Ikea card [stamped], found lady images [painted], art button, square handmade cardboard button.
Page 19- handpainted and stamped papers, inkjet print [flowers], collage, decorative machine embroidery.
Page 20,21- Marbled fabric, embroidery and beads, dyed lace, ribbons.
Pages 22-36 – These have blank parts so whoever ends up with the book can either add drawings, paintings, notes, collage, etc to personalise it.
Page 22- Paper [dyes and salt effect]
Page 23- Layered papers – inkjet print[skeleton leaf design], brusho inks, inkjet print[stripes]
Page 24- Found paper[with bird image], middle-handmade washi tape, leaf prints [paint]
Page 25- Paper art work, blank watercolour paper.
Page 27- Inkjet print[of fabric design], watercolour art, leaf paintings, stitching, blank squared paper.
Page 28- Recycled transfer paper, blank pale rose paper.
Page 29,30- Collage -Recycled envelope[stripey], gouache art work, map, 2 inkjet prints[of fabric designs], stamped paper, found paper, found bird image, cloudy blank paper[2]
Page 31,32- Collage -mostly artwork on recycled papers, blank watercolour paper, duck paper clip.
Page 33,34- Collage -mostly artwork on recycled papers, leaf print paper, spotty watercolour paper.
Page 35,36- Collage -2 artwork on papers,found paper, stamped,painted music, painted doiley, blank squared papers[2]
Page 37,38- Leaf prints [acrylics and watercolours]
Page 39,40- Stencilled and stamped fabric, freehand machine embroidery.
Page 40- Brusho on paper[background layer], watercolour and metallic machine embroidery,handmade card button, cup [stamp made with foam and sharpie pen, machine embroidery], gems, flower.
Page 41- Acrylic[background paper], found paper[at bottom], recycled envelope[circles], found paper[top], hand embroidery, handmade art buttons.
Page 42- Fabric sample overlaid with dyed, layered lace, machine stitched, cut, flower brads, buttons, decorative machine embroidery.
Page 43- Fabric samples with added decorative machine embroidery, house tag [altered fabric,applique], plastic skeleton dressed in stamped,painted recycled wipe and gem heart, spotty brad.
Page 44- Layered recycled wipes[painted,stamped], handmade square card button, recycle computer parts[green glass things on button], t-shirt print snippet.
Page 45- Roller stamped fabric, 2 ATC’s of fabric designs/art.

Book for sale £50 + £4 P&P [UK], £9 P&P [everywhere else]. Paypal only.

If you wish to purchase the green book leave a comment and I will get back to you.

Tutorial for art buttons

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