Layers and Party

sb36p12Day 29 – Layers – 30 days of creativity [ #30doc  @createstuff ]

The layers are the background of course, a torn piece of envelope with a postage stamp on it and an old tax disc. Then layers of brusho inks and white pen.

I’ve also done Day 30 early as I won’t get a chance to post tomorrow. Two collages, one with paper and one digital.

Day 30 – Party

partyMixed media – the photo I took in Majorca. The people I created on my Galaxy Note 10.1, I used sketchbook pro and photoshop touch.





Day 28 – 30 days of creativity [ #30Doc @createstuff ]

The other day [Day 23] I said I was having a spot of bother drawing a dragon and posted a strange creature instead. But I had drawn a dragon eventually and then totally forgot about it, doh! [it was late at night] I’ve put it him on the pie for today’s prompt instead, but he is by himself below.Sketch204234322



Two different photos taken from a different angle of the same thing [with a stray thread on both – where do they appear from?]

Day 26 of 30 days of creativity.

I created the background fabric some time ago, I think it was mono printed. For the challenge I did the stitching and beading.


sb36p6Day 24 of 30 days of creativity. Today the word is green and I’ve gone with the colour rather than being green.

Above is a background page in my sketchbook. I used wax crayons and aquamarkers. The patterning down the left side was achieved with a hand made stamp [out of fun foam].  Now that the page is on the computer I can use it for digital art and also use the page in the book as a background for something else.

I used aquamarkers on the picture below too as well as a green biro and red paint. The red paint was a sample of the new liquitex professional paint markers which I was trying out for the first time.




Birthday Bird

birthday-birdGreetings card designed for ’30 days of creativity’ – this is day 19.

The background was an original hand painted and stamped paper, a picture of it was  uploaded to my samsung galaxy note and altered [mainly colours] using photoshop touch. The bird was created on the note too using photoshop touch.

There is a feature on mr x stitch here about my work.