tensionIllustration Friday challenge Рtension. I got the idea from taking Molly for a walk[?], so there are two types of tension here Рthe dog pulling on the lead and the mental tension from it. She is cute though, see below.

I used my new Letraset Aquamarkers for this [an alternative to watercolours]. I think I need a bit more practice with them and probably need to spend more time on a painting than I did here.



Playing with Brushes

Sketch302231611I have been playing around with the brushes on Sketchbook Pro, the app I got for my Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1.

And below, I painted [on the Note] the head and put it on the big cat image from the Naturalist’s Library. I think I started out with the intention of drawing the head of a bear but it doesn’t look much like one. The image from the Naturalist Library is a hybrid between a lion and tigress, the head I have painted is what a hybrid of a bear and tiger would look like.



Echinacea Flowers

sbpro1I got a new App for my Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1, the Sketchbook Pro drawing software and this is my first saved drawing. Not brilliant but I quite like it and I like the app so far. I have seen a couple of tutorials on the net, but they don’t give a lot of instructions and they wizz thru the demonstration, my poor little brain cannot keep up.



trainIllustration Friday challenge – Train

The patterns I used are some of my designs for fabrics

[these fabrics and lots more are available to view or purchase at Spoonflower]

I have posted all the pages of my latest handmade mixed media book which can be seen here




Getting ready for their first swim!

Getting ready for their first swim!

Illustration Friday challenge – swim

Drawn on a Samsung Galaxy Note

Click here for the new page I recently added to this blog – ‘The Colour Purple’, which shows images of all the pages in my latest handmade mixed media art book.