Weekly Photo Challenge – Treasure

treasureI’m a mixed media artist so for my treasure challenge I have chosen a few of the many things I use, such as beads





android tablet and sketchbooks


I like to have a daily creating fix, although nowadays it is quite often drawing on the tablet. I have lots of other treasure, too much to show, but I can’t leave my camera off the list.

treasure5This photo was taken with the tablet. I’m quite surprised at how all the photos came out today as it is a dark, wet miserable day – again.

To see what other people have chosen for their treasure go here to the Daily Photo challenge





Two different photos taken from a different angle of the same thing [with a stray thread on both – where do they appear from?]

Day 26 of 30 days of creativity.

I created the background fabric some time ago, I think it was mono printed. For the challenge I did the stitching and beading.