My Kind of Tools

For Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge – Tools


Brooms and Rodents

No I’m not getting ready for Halloween, these were seen at Washington Old Hall. When people were living there brooms were used and real rodents were seen daily. One woman said a mouse used to sit on the windowsill looking at her while she made bread.

The building as it stands today dates from the 17th century and originally housed the wealthy but in the latter part of the 18th century it became a tenement house for about 35 people. It was altered again in the late 19th century to house large families. People don’t live in it today but they do visit it.

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge -‘Places people live’ or in this case, used to live.

CFFC – Places PeopleVisit

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge

One place that people visit is the netty.

This row of outdoor toilets are found at Beamish Museum.

Below is another image from Beamish, I visit regularly as it is not far away. I’ve never seen it look so empty but I assure you that people do visit it. It had not been open long and heavy rain was scheduled.

Another view of Beamish


Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge – Things People Grow

I saw this growing in a neighbours garden by the wall, I don’t think they meant to grow it though.

This on the other hand was grown by myself but I couldn’t tell you what it is called.

I was attracted to these giant seed pods growing on a tree in Capri.