Thursday Doors 27Jan22

My entry for Thursday Doors and CFFC

Today I have more doors from Seaton Delaval. They are all outer buildings, the first being a stable. The latter two are photos of an ice house which were used by the rich way before fridges were invented.

You can see two doors here, there is a passageway and another door.
The other end of the stable.
The ice house.
The ice was dropped through this opening into a well. I assume the metal gate as put there to stop visitors from falling down the shaft.

Thursday Doors 16Dec21

My entry for Thursday Doors

I didn’t choose my favourite doors of the year but have Christmas holiday doors this week instead. I’ve also got an image for the badge contest if it’s not too tall, I’ve used one of my favourite images of a door.

This gingerbread house was in a shop window, hence the reflections.