Landscape Art Quilt


A small A4 art quilt with a landscape them.

The fabric was textured with Golden course molding paste and snippets from a page of a book were added along the hill line. Colour was added with inktense blocks. It was quilted with bamboo wadding and backing fabric then some stitching was applied with a sewing machine. More stitching was applied by hand. The binding was also textured and painted.

landscape-brown-art-quilt1 landscape-brown-art-quilt2 landscape-brown-art-quilt3 landscape-brown-art-quilt4 landscape-brown-art-quilt5

Floral and Girl Digital Collages


Two more Galaxy Note creations – I layered 2 photos above. One was embroidered and beaded flowers with the background removed and the background was a photo I took of a pond. I used Photoshop Touch.

Below – a textured background [altered photo], the girl was created in sketchbook pro.



Two different photos taken from a different angle of the same thing [with a stray thread on both – where do they appear from?]

Day 26 of 30 days of creativity.

I created the background fabric some time ago, I think it was mono printed. For the challenge I did the stitching and beading.


Lots of desserts here.

Time for Tea –

A vintage tablecloth was used for the background, some of it has been painted. Items were painted and outlined with watercolour pencil. Individual cakes etc were painted and embellished with hand embroidery. Applied to the background cloth. Wadding and backing fabric attached and quilted, stitching around the items. The ‘wallpaper’ on the background was hand quilted. Wrapped around a canvas frame. Size 50 x 70 x 1.5cm. For Sale

more images of Time for Tea


the original drawing