CFFC – Week 1 photo

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge  – Cee says

I will be posting a photo for each week and you can pick a topic from the items or colors from the photo.

This week’s possible topics are geometry, bushes, window, brick, curtain, green, tan, wall, building, dark red, tree, etc.


I’ve picked a few topics as I didn’t read the challenge correctly.

Geometry, window, brick, tan, building

Bushes, tree, green

Brick, red, building


Window, curtain


Shades of green

Shades of blue

Shades of red

Shades of orange

Shades of yellow

Shades of indigo

Shades of violet

Shades of pink

Colours of the Rainbow plus pink

Collages – These are small collages, just 4″x4″ and are made from art work, painted papers, found papers, printed art work etc