CFFC – Happy

He’s so happy he’s doing handstands.

Molly is always happy when she has a ball to play with.

A happy pig at Beamish.

Elliot is so happy the robin has come to say hello.

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CFFC – Happy

I think this lion looks like it is laughing,

but he’s probably getting ready to bite my head off

And this monkey is smiling happily at me

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge – Happy

cffc badge

My family makes me happy but I’ll not show photos of them.

Visiting different places and countries makes me happy.

cffc-happy Venicecffc-happy1


Drinking a beer and watching on the sea front  РCypruscffc-happy3

And local places – Angel of the Northcffc-happy4

Flowers make me happy.cffc-happy5

And Molly


And finishing a project [see more of the quilt here]