Daily Post Photo Challenge – Layers


I work a lot in layers as a textile artist and did a whole series of work called layers which you can see here. But for this challenge I have chosen photos of walls, layers of bricks.

photo-challenge---layers3 photo-challenge---layers2 photo-challenge---layers1

I can see a face on the wall below, one of the upright pricks in the middle, can you?photo-challenge---layers


Layers and Party

sb36p12Day 29 – Layers – 30 days of creativity [ #30doc  @createstuff ]

The layers are the background of course, a torn piece of envelope with a postage stamp on it and an old tax disc. Then layers of brusho inks and white pen.

I’ve also done Day 30 early as I won’t get a chance to post tomorrow. Two collages, one with paper and one digital.

Day 30 – Party

partyMixed media – the photo I took in Majorca. The people I created on my Galaxy Note 10.1, I used sketchbook pro and photoshop touch.