Digital People


Tablet art – Galaxy Note 10.1 with sketchbook pro and photoshop touch.

Lots of layers – the background is an altered photograph. ¬†I didn’t realise the patterns were showing on his skin until I uploaded it to the computer.

The background on the picture below was made up of lots of layers too – photographs of embroidery, art work, digital layers…




I started with faces drawn on my tablet with sketchbook pro, then the bodies came next. Some of the ‘fabric’ and the backgrounds were photographs of embroidery and artwork¬†altered in photoshop touch. The face on the girl above must have got her face squashed somewhere along the way, the original is below.Untitled341 Sketch21023110 Sketch210221817

Floral and Girl Digital Collages


Two more Galaxy Note creations – I layered 2 photos above. One was embroidered and beaded flowers with the background removed and the background was a photo I took of a pond. I used Photoshop Touch.

Below – a textured background [altered photo], the girl was created in sketchbook pro.



A digital creation on my Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1, I used photoshop touch. Below is the original image I started with, a hand printed embroidered fabric.



dandy12I’ve included some collaged flowers on this one, this is the original flower below.



dandy11I’ve included a rabbit I drew in sketchbook pro on this copy.


And on this one I used effects in pixlr-o-matic