Pink Poppies

These poppies are most unusual, they are perennials and are normally red. The first flower to bloom on this plant was a peachy pink [no photo] which faded to a mucky peachy colour. The bright pink one came out next. As you can see there are three different shades of flower on the same plant pink-red-poppies

One Word Photo Challenge – Pink


I put black card behind the flower so it would show up better and to cut out the distractions behind it.


These were peonies grown in my garden a few years ago, sadly they are not like that now. I still get leaves but there has been no flowers for a couple of years.


Textile art – a photo of a flower printed on fabric, stitched and embellished.

pink book

A whole book of pinkiness. Click here to see all the pages.

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Colours of the Rainbow plus pink

Collages –┬áThese are small collages, just 4″x4″ and are made from art work, painted papers, found papers, printed art work etc