Four Versions of a Tree Landscape




Drawn on my tablet, a Samsung Galaxy Note with Sketchbook Pro.

I altered the picture three different ways using pixlr-o-matic, I’ve noted the settings under each version.

Amber/Kryptonite/Blacktree-row1 Ivan/Beep/Softtree-row3



Scary Prim


I love the background on this one. It is a photo I took of a wall [I think] in Bruges, Belguim. Altered on my tablet with sketchbook pro. The original is below. The creature is a drawing I did of a primitive doll I made a while back from a cardigan. He looks a bit scary, fits in for Halloween. The original also below.

But first another version of the above. I used pixlr-o-matic for the effects on this one. [samantha/wave/smoke]


wallThe doll




A digital creation on my Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1, I used photoshop touch. Below is the original image I started with, a hand printed embroidered fabric.



dandy12I’ve included some collaged flowers on this one, this is the original flower below.



dandy11I’ve included a rabbit I drew in sketchbook pro on this copy.


And on this one I used effects in pixlr-o-matic



Altered Tree Photo


Day 5 of 30 days of creativity.

I took the photo of the sky and top of the trees in my garden quite a while ago [the trees have leaves on now] because the sky looked interesting but the photo was boring so I’ve altered it on my ‘note’ with photoshop touch. I made more alterations on the photo below using pixlr-o-matic [I used hagrid, bubble and cornered]tree-alt1