Reflections on the Tyne

My entry for Cellpic Sunday 12Dec21

The river Tyne from the Newcastle side with The Sage building in the background. The Gateshead Millennium bridge is known locally as the blinking eye bridge due to it’s shape and it’s movement, it tilts to allow ships to pass.

Taken in 2017 with a LG G4 mobile phone

TPC – Reflection

I’m reflecting on the reflections in this old photo of Durham Cathedral. It’s still one of my favourites featuring a reflection [of mine]. I’ve been there many times since I took this photo but the reflections have never been the same.

Tuesday Photo Challenge

Weekly Photo Challenge – Reflections

reflectionRiver Tyne, Newcastle/Gateshead

teh photo above was taken from the Gateshead Millennium Bridge, which is below


another view of the Millennium Bridgereflection2


this unusual building is the Sage [I call it the slug, affectionately]reflection4and one of my old favourites of Durham Cathedral

I took two photos, one of the cathedral and one of the river and joined them together.

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