WPC – Story

Weekly Photo Challenge – For this week’s challenge, do some visual storytelling with your photography.


WPC – A Face in a Crowd

Weekly Photo Challenge – Create an image that represents being “a face in the crowd.” Explore silhouettes, shadows, orientation, and other ways to mask your subject. As you hide the defining characteristics of your model, notice which traits continue to stand out. Without facial expression, can you tell how someone is feeling? Without color, does your impression of that person change? If portraits aren’t your thing, get even more creative with your use of shadows, reflections, animals, and patterns to represent a sense of anonymity.

WPC – Tour Guide

Weekly Photo Challenge – Share with us an image, or two, or three, (or more!) of where you live

We live in Washington, UK and always look out for the Angel of the North when we are going to Newcastle or further North. It’s 66 feet [20 metres] tall with wings measuring 177 ft [54 metres] across. Washington is where the ancestors of President George Washington came from and where Washington DC name came from.One of the places we like to visit often is Beamish, an open air museum.

Another is a visit to the coast at Seaburn which is about 10 miles away