Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge – Bare Feet and/or Shoes

cffc-bare-feet-shoes7 Venicecffc-bare-feet-shoes6 Venicecffc-bare-feet-shoes5 Romecffc-bare-feet-shoes4 Romecffc-bare-feet-shoes3 I’ve just been away to Pisa and Florence and was hoping to come back with loads of new photos, well I did but unfortunately I must have knocked one of the buttons to the wrong position on the camera and most of them look very¬†wishy washy. The jigsaw man above at Pisa airport was one of the better ones.cffc-bare-feet-shoes2 cffc-bare-feet-shoes1 Liverpool, UKcffc-bare-feet-shoesFrance

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge