Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge – Doors, Door Knobs and Handles

cffc-door3These doors were seen in Budapest, there are lots of great doors there but I only started taking pictures of them on my last day there so I’ve not got photos of all that I saw.

Lions are seen on a lot of doors, there were many in Florence where I went recently, especially as door knockers.

cffc-door1 cffc-door cffc-door2

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge

Weekly Photo Challenge – Achievement


My usual achievements are on the creative side but I thought I’d share something more physical. Recently I went to Pisa and climbed up the leaning tower, then a couple of days later I climbed the Duomo in Florence. I was feeling tired with walking around both places anyway but I was happy I’d climbed both towers as well, an achievement for me as I’m not the most physically active person around. The picture above is from the Duomo.


Weekly Photo Challenge