Pink Book

Hand made mixed media art book in the shape of a heart includes embroidery, stitching, collage, artwork, vintage fabrics, transfer prints, ATCs, applique, stamping, printing, art buttons, tags, dyed lace, fabric flowers. I recycled papers and wallpaper samples for the pink-book-001 pink-book-002 pink-book-003 pink-book-004 pink-book-005

pink-book-006 pink-book-007 pink-book-008 pink-book-009 pink-book-010 pink-book-011 pink-book-012 pink-book-013 pink-book-014 pink-book-015 pink-book-016 pink-book-017

pink-book-024 pink-book-025


pink-book-018 pink-book-019 pink-book-020 pink-book-021 pink-book-022 pink-book-023



12 thoughts on “Pink Book

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      • do you collect buttons? my grandmother sewed all the time, and she’d often retrieve buttons from pieces she’d either made or purchased–especially jet buttons–which was very magical, in its own way, to me. Your books have that same kind of magic. I look forward to ’round.’

      • Yes I collect buttons, mostly ones from clothing too. I alter some of them to use in art and sometimes make them. I use to love messing with my mother’s button tin when I was young…actually I probably would still enjoy it now. lol

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  3. Before I got fibromyalgia, I was a textile, multi-media artist. I love the things you do with fabric and threads. This book is fantastic. What a lot of fun you must have had doing it.

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