Fat Book


fat book

fat book-001

fat book-002

Hand painted/stamped fabric, alphabet buttons.fat book 002 3

fat book-004

Hand painted/printed background, organza layers, painted lace, painted aida, embroidery, beads.

fat book-005

Hand painted/printed background, organza layers, painted lace, handmade clay embellishment.

fat book-003

fat book-006Hand painted/stamped fabric, clay embellishment, handmade paper, organza, net, embroidery.

fat book-007

Embroidery on evenweave fabric.

fat book-008 fat book-009 Hand painted fabric, dyed lace, metallic fabric scrap, net, clay medallion, embroidery.fat book-010Fabric scrap layers, handmade paper, embroidery.

fat book-011 fat book-012 Layers of sheer fabrics ad dyed lace, embroidery, hand made paper, beads on a corduroy background.fat book-013

fat book-014 fat book-015 Layers of sheer fabrics ad dyed lace, embroidery, hand made paper, beads on a corduroy background. fat book-016 Hand printed fabric, embroidery and beads on aida ribbon.

fat book-017 fat book-018 Leaf prints on fabric, sheer fabric layers [distressed], embroidery and beads.fat book-019

fat book-020 fat book-021Hand painted/printed background fabric, stumpwork faces.fat book-022


fat book-023 fat book-024A flower from a lace curtain, dyed and beaded.fat book-025Layers – dyed net curtain, a rectangle of screen curtain, a crazy patchwork ATC, embroidery. Stitched over with decorative machine stitching. fat book-026 fat book-027

Dyed lace and broderie anglaise, handmade paper, embroidery, red fabric, tweed fabric scraps.
fat book-028

Vintage tablecloth, lace fabric, lace edging, beads, stitching. fat book-029 fat book-030 Dyed laces, a fabric photo print [my grandparents wedding day], vintage cloth covered buttons, fabric postcard [this postcard and paper fabric is available from my Spoonflower shop, embroidered and beaded braid.fat book-031Woven fabric strips [cut from my Spoonflower swatch edges]. The background fabric was also from there too. fat book-032 fat book-033 Fabric scraps with embroidery and beadsfat book-034

Hand painted/stamped background fabric, painted lace, decorative machine embroidery, fabric ATC [patchwork, embroidery and beads]

fat book-035 Leaf prints on fabric, sheer fabric layers, embroidery.fat book-036 - Copy fat book-037 - Copy fat book-038 - Copy fat book-039 Hand painted/stamped background fabric, painted lace, embroidery on evenweave fabric, beads. Some of the embroidery was done following along on the Take a stitch Tuesday challenge.fat book-040 Hand painted/stamped background fabric, transfer printed ribbon, decorative machine embroidery stitching, star ribbon, purchased butterfly.fat book-041 fat book-042 Hand painted/stamped fabric, dyed lace, beaded trim, embroidery.fat book-043 Hand painted/stamped fabric, embroidery and beads.fat book-045 fat book-046 Hand painted/stamped fabric. The ATC’s are from Australia, the work of  a fellow blogger at Bimbimbie. She regularly shows photos of birds, ones that we never see here in the UK.fat book-047 Hand painted/stamped fabric, handmade clay buttons, embroidery.fat book-048 fat book-049 Hand painted/stamped fabric, screen prints.fat book-050Hand painted/stamped fabric, sheer fabric layers, embroidery, clay flower. When I made the clay shape I put in holes so that I could sew it to fabric. fat book-051 fat book-052

Painted/stamped fabric, layered, dyed lace, art buttons, embroidery.
See my other blog for rolling stamp and art button tutorials.

 fat book-053Painted/stamped fabric, layered evenweave fabric, embroidery, beads. The embroidery was part of Take a stitch Tuesday challenge. fat book-054 fat book-055  Painted/stamped fabric, dyed laces, organza scrap, embroidery, handmade clay decoration.fat book-056

Painted/stamped fabric, dyed laces, sections of dyed net curtain, beads. fat book-057 fat book-058Painted/stamped fabric, dyed laces, sections of dyed net curtain, embroidery. fat book-059

Dyed laces, handmade paper under organza and metallic fabrics, embroidery. fat book-060 fat book-061

Embroidery on a vintage tablecloth. fat book-062 Embroidery on a vintage tablecloth, pens, lacefat book-063 fat book-064 Hand painted fabric was woven, machine embroidery, dyed lace, scrap of dyed net curtain, hand embroidery. fat book-065Layered dyed net curtain, sheer fabric scrap, handmade paper, tweed scrap, hand embroidery. Running stitch and chained bar [Tast 122] fat book-066 fat book-067 Printed fabric remnant, layered sheer fabric and net, gold work scrap [from Indian garment], embroidery.fat book-068Printed fabric remnant, layered sheers/net/metallics. Hand embroidery and beads. Tast 111 – zig zag coral stitch, running stitch, cross stitch. fat book-069

fat book-070Velvet background fabric, dyed lace, handmade paper, clay embellishment, embroidered brooch, stitching. fat book-071

Fine cord background, layers of sheer, net and metallic fabrics, embroidery and beads.
Take a stitch Tuesday 106, 107 – looped cretan stitch, beaded looped cretan stitch

fat book-072 fat book-073 Transfer printed fabric [ie paints and pencils used on paper and transferred to fabric by ironing], dyed laces, machine embroidery.fat book-074 Transfer printed fabric [ie paints and pencils used on paper and transferred to fabric by ironing], dyed laces, hand embroidery and beads.fat book-075 fat book-076

Fine cord background, layers of sheer, net and metallic fabrics, embroidery, sequins and beads.
Take a stitch Tuesday 109 – rice stitch
See pintangle.com for Take a stitch Tuesday

fat book-077 Painted/stamped background fabric, black plastic skeleton, patchwork skirt with machine embroidery, ribbon.fat book-078 fat book-079

Painted/stamped background fabric, organza scraps, plastic creepy crawlies under net, stitching.
This is the last page of the Fat Book.

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