Monochrome Book


Concertina style art book made up of teeny tiny pages, 4″ x 4″, mixed media art on both sides, vilene/stiffener in between, stitched, with a ribbon on both sides to hold it shut when not in use.
monochrome-book-001 monochrome-book-005 monochrome-book-006


Front cover – I decided to add a plastic layer on the top and back for protection [the beads stick out on the front]

All pages are hand painted papers – most have been stencilled, stamped, mono printed and some are also collaged. Some papers were recycled laser prints of knitting graphs and music.monochrome-book-008Hand embroidery on tapestry canvas.
monochrome-book-009Found object – a digital alarm?monochrome-book-010 Hand embroidery and beads.monochrome-book-011 Paper beads made from a text print and stitched onto the background.monochrome-book-012Screen print on felt.

monochrome-book-013 Two plastic bendy rings couched down with thread. Tiny square print.monochrome-book-014 Paper elephant [half], machine stitched.monochrome-book-015 Collage, machine stitching, brad.monochrome-book-016 Hand embroidery on tapestry canvas.monochrome-book-017 Three mini prints, buttons, attached with thread and beads.monochrome-book-018 Number sticker.monochrome-book-019 The strip is a photocopy on plastic.monochrome-book-020Paper doodle flower [print].

monochrome-book-021 Recycled part from a weighing scale, print centre.monochrome-book-022 Mini playing cards, card game pieces, stitchingmonochrome-book-023 Curtain tape, embroidery.monochrome-book-024 Card dominoes, threads.monochrome-book-025 Stitched outlines.monochrome-book-026 Beads from a beaded rope.monochrome-book-027 Hand embroidery on tapestry canvas.monochrome-book-028 Collage [text], recycled postage stamp.monochrome-book-029 Decorative machine embroidery.monochrome-book-030 Stitched outlines. Plastic layer – back cover.monochrome-book-031 Clock hand, bead.monochrome-book-032Tag, cord, bead.

monochrome-book-033 Paper house, print, stitched. Letter sticker.monochrome-book-034 monochrome-book-035Hand crafted art buttons.

monochrome-book-036 Decorative machine embroidery, brad.monochrome-book-037 Collage, print and found sign, plastic disc.monochrome-book-038 Recycled key ring, brad. monochrome-book-039 Vintage film negatives, embroidery.monochrome-book-040 Fabric flowers [acquired]monochrome-book-041 Hand embroidery on tapestry canvas, beads, collage.monochrome-book-042Doily collage.

monochrome-book-043Card and plastic game parts.monochrome-book-044 Recycled cup cake wrapper, number sticker.monochrome-book-045 Metal zip bit, button.monochrome-book-046 Paper sheep [prints], stitching around trees, letter sticker.monochrome-book-047 Paper elephant, googly eye, stitching.monochrome-book-048 Print, bead rope, letter sticker.monochrome-book-049Recycled backing paper from paper shape.
monochrome-book-050 Brads.monochrome-book-051Paper tree.

monochrome-book monochrome-book-003 monochrome-book-004

8 thoughts on “Monochrome Book

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  2. My first visit to your site and just wanted share my delight at viewing your fun pages. Each one so unique and exciting to consider as future ideas to try. Nice camera captures!

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  4. I’ve just started playing with concertina books myself and this is just the thought of inspiration I needed to help. I want to make one for my Neice as a wedding present. Thank you for sharing your ideas…glad it found your blog.

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