Seat Art

My entry for Pull up a Seat photo Challenge and


Watergate Park, Gateshead

7 thoughts on “Seat Art

    • I found this out about the seat “This seat is in the form of a cracket, a stool used in many households particularly in the North East.
      Mining and shipbuilding families in particular would have owned one. A minerโ€™s helmet, boots and armillary sphere (sundial) all
      appear on this piece.”
      And yes a skeleton with the second one. Whitby was once a base for whaling so I’m thinking that is what it could be.

      • Very interesting, Lin. Thank you for looking that up. I wouldn’t have know where to even start. What made me think of it was the helmet and boots. I remember being impressed at Reagan’s funeral that they had his empty boots on display riding in the procession. Our shoes and hats say so much about us. Thanks again for the interesting follow-up. ๐Ÿ™‚

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